Trapped Inside A Shipping Container For 3 Weeks, Cat Survives By Eating Candy


You may think that you are the most adventurous person in the world. But you can never beat cats when it comes to adventure. They have always got some crazy ideas. The story of the cat that you are about to read will show you that nobody can leave cats behind in big adventures.

A Ukraine company known as Star Shine Shipping recently shared an amazing story. They caught a cat in one of their containers who managed to stay alive trapped inside the containers and was actually in good shape.

The cat managed to travel around 3000 km from Ukraine to Israel for three weeks. It ate only candy bars during these weeks. The cat didn’t have any access to drinkable water and still, it managed to stay completely healthy.

Cats always find amazing weird ideas for adventure. They don’t even consider if their plan is too risky or not. All they care about is spending their days in the best way possible.

Nobody knows how the cat managed to survive for so long without proper food and water. It sounded like a miracle to everyone. According to the company, the cat managed to stay alive by eating candies and drinking water wherever it was available in the container.

After investigating, the company got to know that the cat got into the container while loading the boxes of sweets. The CCTV footage was really useful to find out how the cat got there. The cat was in good condition and everyone was glad.

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Here’s another story how a cat saved an abandoned baby.

Have a look at it and you will be amazed to see that cats are really compassionate about humans.

The cat on the shipping container must be really happy after surviving whole three weeks without food and water. Maybe it has already started planning its next adventure. We will soon get to hear about it if such thing happens.

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