10 Trouble Making Cats Who Don’t Give A Damn About What You Think


No cat ever gives a damn about what you think and they go on doing what they want to. Cat hoomans try to teach their cat what’s right and what’s not some times. but it doesn’t always works for them. As you know cats are not much interested in your opinion. So you will only be wasting your time if you do that.

Here are some trouble making cats who don’t give a damn about what you think. Have a look at these hilarious cat pictures and you will know that you can’t teach cats anything.


“Dogs have been our enemies since ages. What do you expect from me? Should I go and hug that dog now? I am not apologizing to anyone.”


“Hooman, you get drunk all the time. I too should be allowed to do as I please.”


“This was really painful. I should have asked you before. From now on, I will include you in all such stupid plans.”


“I don’t understand why my hooman has to tell this to everyone? What’s wrong with it? Cats do this all the time.”

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“I didn’t know that you could have bought me food using those paper notes. It’s your fault, hooman. You should have told me.”

This is the most terrible thing that a cat has ever done. But in his defense, a cat doesn’t know the use of money.


“My hooman thinks that this is weird. But how am I supposed to check if I smell bad or not?”


“He was super delicious and I don’t regret my actions at all. Also, I did everything on purpose.”


“When your hooman doesn’t know anything about fashion, you are supposed to teach him all about it.”


“It was fun. I will do it again some time. don’t tell my hooman, please. I want to surprise him.”


“You shouldn’t have left your cups unattended. Well, it gives me a lot of pleasure to flip over everything I see. You should try it too sometime.”

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