10 Sassy Cats Who Didn’t Want an Ordinary Pic and Posed for a Magazine Cover


Cats don’t do anything that is ordinary. Either it has to be classy and sassy or the cats won’t do it. Cats are nothing like the other ordinary pets. They are way different and so are their actions. Even while getting a picture clicked, they have to do something weird or hilarious.

Here are some sassy cats who didn’t want an ordinary picture and posed for a magazine cover instead. Have a look at these pawsome cat pictures and you will totally agree!


Decent picture is not a thing when it comes to cats. This should go as the cover page.


Your cat can’t stay at a place even for a single moment. This was not how the cat was supposed to pose. But comfort is everything for cats.


The smug look works every time. You should also try it some time.


Your cat can act like a lady when it is not in the mood to cat.

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Is this fine or should I change the pose?

Cats have a lot of different things going on in their mind all at once. This is why it’s not easy for them to pose decently for a picture. Either you capture them in their moment or you don’t capture them at all. Cats will always have it their way.


“Why did my hooman bring me out in this windy place? Look at my hair. They are all messed up. It will take me ages to make them look purrfect again.”


When your cat is getting bored and stares at you like this while you try to work. “Hi hooman, what are you up to? I hope I am not distracting you.”


When your cat takes up your favorite chair and gives you this pawsome look, you just can’t ask him to leave.


From where did this cat learnt to wink? Well, we don’t care about it. Just enjoy the pawsome look!


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