10 Photos Proving A Black Cat Can Bring Everything But Bad Luck


It’s sad that many people don’t adopt black cats because it is believed that they bring bad luck. This is not at all true. The truth is that black cats are pawsome and made of laugh. Wherever they go, happiness follows. It is high time that people need to stop believing such things and start giving the black cats all the love that they deserve.

Here are some pawsome black cats that prove that they bring everything, but bad luck. Have a look at these pictures of black cats and find out for yourself!


It’s a shame that many shelters are full of black cats as many people refuse to adopt them due to myths and superstition. Every cat brings lots of happiness into their hooman’s life, no matter what color they are of.


Black cats have truly mesmerizing eyes. Look at the eyes of this black cat here!


It’s a black bat-cat and totally adorable. “What are you staring at! I know I look pawsome.”


Meet the hybrid cat with a black head and red body. There is certainly a lot of things that can go wrong, but cats are not one of them.

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The way a black cat’s fur shine in light is absolutely magical. Cats definitely know how to take care of themselves.


A pink nose looks adorable on a black cat.


When you have two cats and one of them is black, it seems like the other one carries its shadow along all the time. “Sun or no sun, I always have my shadow around.”


This cat has named him wolf because of his gorgeous fur.


Black cats may stand out from the rest, but they look no different after a bath. Every cat has the same opinion about water. They completely hate it.


Your black cat making you feel bad about not exercising regularly is the kind of motivation that you need in your life.

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10 Photos Proving That the World Belongs to Cats

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