10 People Who Wanted a Furry Friend But Actually Got a Lot of Drama Instead


A cat is not just your furry friend who will play around, eat and sleep. Cats are much more than this. They have a mind of their own which they have somehow learnt to use. If you look at their actions, you will learn that they are putting to a good use. You may not understand why cats have to be so dramatic, but you don’t have to.

Here are some people who wanted a furry friend, but actually got a lot of drama instead. Have a look!


When you find your cat stealing from the kitchen and this is all he has got to say. “I was hungry and the food looked delicious. It is not that yummy though. You should improve your cooking skills.”


It’s puzzle time, but the cat feels like taking a nap. “This could be tiring, hooman. Why don’t we take a nap instead?”


“Plants are not allowed in this house. I told you on the first day, hooman. Why do I have to repeat it every day?”


Cats are never satisfied with what they have got. They will always steal food from someone else, either its hooman or the dog. Both need to be careful.

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Cats like to hide out in weird places, but they appear in time to remind you that you have a cat.


When your cat is tired of sitting and needs support. “Hi hooman, I am not getting old. This is how I sit now.”


This is how your cat will tell you that it wants you to stay at home. “Not today, hooman. You got to stay at home and chill with me.”


Your cat watching you cook in the kitchen be like. “As soon as my hooman will turn, I will leave my paw mark on the pie he just baked.”


Don’t be surprised if you ever find your cat like this. It is just their usual.


When you leave your cat with your plants, this is what you will find.

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