10 Hilarious Stories Of How Cat Owners Accidentally Conditioned Their Cat


Cats are really smart pets and they are nothing like the rest of the bunch out their. They know how to put everything to their own use and make the best out of the situation. But sometimes the cat owners end up condition their cats to something without even realizing it. This is truly hilarious.

Here are some hilarious stories of how cat owners accidently conditioned their cats. Have a look and you will get to know what not to do when you have a cat in home!


Never teach your cat anything that you will regret later. The felines know how to put everything to their own use for good.


This cat knows really well how to take advantage of the situation.


You need to give proper instructions to your cat or else, it will assume things on his own and take charge of everything.


A cat knows when it’s time to take a bath. Very well kitty, keep it up!

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Cats can get used to things really quickly. You do it once and they will expect you to do it again and again.


Cats do what they have to, but even dogs are not far behind when it comes to doing things for extra treats.


A pet knows when you are taking him out for a walk and when you are going out without him. This is really cute.


If a cat gets a taste of something once, it is not going to get over it any time soon. Be careful when it comes to making new habits for your cat.


Your cat has to make sure that you are doing fine. It can’t see you in pain. Just give him an assurance that you are fine. It’s bad to keep your cat all worried up.


This cat story will make you laugh out loud. Cats are full of love and pawsomeness.

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