10 Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks (New Pics)


Cats don’t even realize it, but they can be absolute jerks at times. Do you remember when your cat stole your food or ruined your puzzle? If your cat hasn’t done this to you, is it even your cat?

Here are some hilarious photos that prove cats are the biggest jerks. Have a look at these pictures and you will totally agree!


Either your cat really hates you or it is trying to tell you what kind of gifts he likes. Now it depends on you how you take it. It’s always better to look at the bright side when there is a cat involved.


When your cat finally takes its revenge from you, it won’t show any mercy. “A cat hooman needs to learn all his lessons on time. A cat never waits.”


“When  your hooman says it’s puzzle time, this is what you are supposed to do.”


When you don’t invite your cat to the pizza party, but it decides to have the pizza anyway. “So you thought you won’t tell me and I will simply sit by? A cat always knows what’s going on in the house, especially when food is involved.”

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When your forget to get the cat treats, this is how you may find the bread. “Hi hooman, this bread loaf needed a little reshaping. Here, I have done the job. You can eat it now.”


The cat wanted to help, but it only ended up making more mess. “Having fun is the only thing that matters. We have normal food all the time. there should be some variation.”


“Were you baking something hooman? It looks delicious, especially with my paw marks on it.”


When the cat hooman finally manages to keep the cat from stealing his food. “I got you!”


“Don’t you dare call my hooman! I don’t want to go back to that place. You can take me to your place instead.”


“I am done here. This was such a tiring job. You can treat me with good food.”

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