10 Furry Pets Who Face More Adventure in Their Lives Than Indiana Jones


Our furry pets are always up to one thing or the other. You wouldn’t even get to know about some of their little adventures. Cats can’t do with life that is boring and predictable. They want thrill in their life even if it means landing into trouble all the time.

Here are some pawsome furry pets who face more adventure in their lives than Indiana Jones. Have a look at the pictures of these furballs and you will know how pawsome their life is!


Getting in trouble is the by-product of adventures. Cats are ready to face anything till the time they are having fun. “Hooman, can you clean this off my face. It’s all stuck.”


“My cat likes to climb on top of doors and give me that victorious look. He does this to prevent me from closing doors.”


When you want your art to be perfect and your cat makes sure that it happens. “Hooman, I left my mark on our art piece. It looks purrfect now.”


Having little kittens in the house is like carrying a bucket full of laughter with you at all times.

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Cats like to keep a check on their hoomans. This is what they do when their hooman is away.


When your cat is outside, but you close the door. “Hi hooman, you forgot me outside. Can you please open the door now? I am angry and hungry.”


“My cat likes to climb trees whenever I take him out. She sits there quietly and watches squirrels.”


Cats may not like to meet your friends and they usually hide out when you bring them home. This little kitty is doing the same now.


When your leave your dogs locked at home and they want some fresh air.


Your little furry friend is always up for adventure. All you have to do is ask them.

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