10 Cats That Are So Emotional, Their Humans Can Read Them Like an Open Book


It is not at all easy to read what is going on in a cat’s mind. Cats are mysterious pets and don’t like to share much with their hoomans. In order to know what your cat has on mind, you need to gain his trust first. This is not at all an easy task. But then there are some cats who are so emotional that their hoomans can read them like an easy book.

Here are some pawsome emotional cats that you can read them like an open book. Have a look at these cat pictures and tell us what you think!


“Hi hooman, when will you get free? I want to do some puzzles today.”


When your cat also knows that this is not how it is supposed to be done, you should definitely reconsider.


“Am I getting too fat, hooman? Should we start with the diet again? Also, what went wrong with my fur color?”


These cats are the watch guards. They are all ready to defend their hooman while he takes a bath. Water can be a quite dangerous thing.

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When it’s getting late for dinner and your cat waits patiently. “I am a good kitty. I don’t get upset when my hooman doesn’t give me food on time. But I make sure that he knows.”

When a cat looks upset, it is the duty of his hooman to make everything alright again. Cats are pawsome pets and they deserve everyone’s love and attention. If you ever decide to take care of a cat, make sure you do it right.


“I said no closed doors hooman! Is it too difficult to understand? Open the door now.”


“A cat will not give her seat for someone else. You can’t convince her to do this.”


“Hi hooman, can I sleep in your bed tonight? It is super comfortable and I like it here.”


“Is this how I look? Why didn’t you tell me before?”


This little cat doesn’t bite.

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