10 Cat Photos That Prove Nature Is a Color Guru


Nature is the best creator and cats are its best creation. Humans are mesmerized with how adorable cats look. In fact, it is quite difficult to look away from a cat. The felines know how to win everyone’s heart even without doing anything because they have got the natural charm. Cats are always busy doing something to make their hooman laugh. But little do they know that they are naturally so beautiful

Some cats are even more special. Their fur looks completely unique and different from the rest. Maybe this is what they wished for. A special fur with a special tattoo on it. Just like humans, cats also like that there should be a distinct mark on their fur. Nature being a color guru listened to these pawsome cats and fulfilled their wishes. Well, nature certainly did its job purrfectly.

Here are some pawsome cat pictures that prove nature is a color guru. Look at these cats and you will also agree.


Can you see a little black cat hugging the big whit one? This is completely original.


Cats are always a champion at whatever they do. This cat has ‘1’ written on his face as proof.


When you wanted to be a leopard, but decided to be a cat at the last moment.


This cat has been rightly named a light bolt.

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A moustache completes the perfect cat look.

Have you ever seen a cat with a moustache? Well, now you have. Who would have thought that a cat could have moustaches too. But this is what cats do. They make the impossible pawsible.


This cat wanted to get a special tattoo all over its fur.


This cat got too close to fire and got burnt. This is his new look.


When you can’t decide which color you want, so you keep both of them.


When your cat is completely white, except for the eyebrows and tail. What went wrong there?


This little furry one is called color pop.

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