10 Cat Memes Voted “Worst Cat Memes” By Dogs


Cats are always the best and nobody is ever capable of giving any competition to them. but somehow the canines believe that they have the right to criticise the felines and everything they do. Well, the canines can do whatever they like as it won’t affect the image of felines. Our pawsome cats know that they are the best at everything they do. They don’t care if others will like it or not.

Here are some cat memes voted the worst cat memes by dogs. Have a look and you won’t stop laughing!


“My hooman has got this magical mirror which shows a ripped me. I like to meet another side of me once in a while.”


When you think that you are done with all your work, but your cat gives you the look and you remember everything.


“Things have gone little crazy with the dog in the house. I think you should send him back to where you brought him. I am done with all the drama.”


The cat may be clueless at the moment, but he will find out everything soon.

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When you catch your cat and his weird ritual ornaments and don’t know how to react. It would be best as if you haven’t seen anything.

Did you see how cats always have a reply for everything they do? They don’t sit quietly when anyone blames them for anything. Cats are pawsome and they love what they do.


Whenever a cat promises that it won’t do something, it has already done it. Cats don’t go back on their words, but they are also careful about what they say.


This moment is of great satisfaction for every cat hooman.


This is what a cat hooman wakes up to every morning.


“Who is this dirty creature and what is it doing on the sofa? Hooman, someone broke into our home last night.”


Cat hoomans never oversleep. The cats ensure that their hoomans are always up on time.

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