10 Cat Memes Created By People Clearly Living With One


Cat memes are the best way to get a good laugh. Cat hoomans always get their smiles back when they get back home to their cats. There is never a dull day in a cat’s life. The felines are always up for fun and they can’t lead a boring life. So they always brighten up things for their hoomans too.

Here are some hilarious cat memes created by people clearly living with one. Have a look at these memes and get a good laugh!


Cats are bon perfect. You can never match their level of perfection.


If you ever fall into water, your cat will try its best to get help. But it will never jump into the water to save you.


This cat couldn’t be more proud of himself.


It doesn’t matter what time it is, a cat will always be there to save you from the devils in the night.

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This is how scientists came up with the theory of eclipse. The world wouldn’t be as we know of today without cats.

Cats are smarter than you think. You can never understand a cat completely because they look at life from a completely different perspective. The felines always find it foolish that humans spend half of their lives doing things that doesn’t bring them any joy.


Being a cat hooman, you need to be smarter than your cat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do much work.


When your cat replies to all your mails and you find out later about it.


Cats look adorable at all times. It doesn’t matter what they do, there is no stopping them.


Cat people are just as innovative as their cats. The cats have been training them day and night.


Cats have invented the laws of science. Humans are meant to follow this scientific laws. Cats can always do as they like.

Cats have a very different relationship with gravity. For cats, the gravity doesn’t work the same way it works for us.

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