10 Awkward Cats Brazenly Caught by Human Paparazzi


Cats do a lot of weird and funny things. But it is not easy to catch them at the right moment. Cats are quite secretive and not always expose their real side to their hoomans. Only those who gain a cat’s trust are worthy of witnessing this side of the cat. If you think what is the big deal about it, then you definitely haven’t met a cat. It is not easy to impress cats. First of all, it is really difficult to predict what your cat wants. And if you manage to do so by mistake, you will still won’t be able to achieve it because a cat’s mood changes within seconds. So if you are trying to impress a cat, better make good preparations.

Here are some awkward cats that were caught by their human paparazzi. Have a look!


Cats take full advantage of their time when their hooman leaves them alone at home.


This is why cats hate it when their hooman hold them in their arms. It is really uncomfortable for them.


Is this a turkey or a cat? What do you think?


Every cat has this mystery face on whenever they have done something wrong. Don’t get so happy if you ever see your cat this way. You are the one who will have to clean all the mess.

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This is how a cat brick looks from beneath. The mystery has been solved.


This specie of cat doesn’t like to smile.


This is what cats do when they have some catnip.


When the cat gets to know that he is the adopted one and his hooman owns the house. “What are you saying? You read the wrong rules.”


It was a bad day for the cat. He had to take a bath and this is how he looked. “I accept my defeat. Please stop this now.”


When you wake up in the morning and find your cat like this, stay away from it.

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