10 Animals Who Can Pose Better Than a Selfie Queen


Our pawsome pets are purrfect at everything they do. Till now, they have been hiding their talent to pose. But you are about to get familiar with that too.

Here are some pawsome animals who can pose better than a selfie queen. Have a look and you will completely agree!


This cat learnt how to wink and now he won’t stop. Well, this look totally suits you little kitty.


When you take out your camera to check your mail, but your cat looks picture purrfect. You have no other choice but to click.


This cat tried to copy his hooman throughout the lockdown and this is what he learnt. It is quite appropriate.


“Hooman, I will pose and you click. Then we will select the best one and you can post it on my social media page.”

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When you ask your pet for some advice and he acts like he doesn’t care at all.

Animals are always picture purrfect. Without even making any efforts, animals always manage to look pawsome in all their pictures. Some people really want to know what’s the secret behind this. Well, animals are just pawsome. They don’t need to hide anything away.


Papa dog is protecting his family quite fiercely. Nobody can go near the pups without his permission. Also, it is important to preserve this family moment, so a selfie is a must.


When you get to look at this smile every morning, you are bound to have a good day.


This little duck is quite photogenic and also knows how to pose for candid pictures.


When your dog finally convince you to take him to the swings and gives you this adorable smile. “Thank you, hooman!”


Adorable animals can make anyone smile.

What do you think? Did these animals do a good job at being picture purrfect? Share your views with us in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this pawsome story with everyone you know!

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